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Bulky Waste Collections

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Bulky Waste Terms and Conditions


We will collect up to 3 items for a non-refundable fee of £15 (including VAT). Some items may be counted as 2 or more items - please check the list of accepted items.

You can pay by:

  • credit or debit card
  • cheque - made payable to Veolia and sent to the following address:
    Veolia, Westbridge Depot, St. James Mill Road, Northampton, NN5 5JW

We do not accept cash or postal orders.


  • Items will be collected on the arranged collection day (in rare circumstances, we may collect items the following day)
  • Items must be as near to the kerbside as possible by 6:30am on the collection day. If an item is not at the kerbside, we will not collect it
  • Please do not block any footpath or highway when presenting your items.
  • Please empty and clean all goods, otherwise they will not be taken
  • Any additional item left with booked items or any items not as described on the booking form will not be taken
  • You must tell us of any changes to the booked items at least 2 working days before collection
  • Neither Northampton Borough Council, nor Veolia shall be liable for any incident, damage or accident, however caused, arising from the exercise of the council, Veolia or any other organisation working on their behalf, through its officers, workmen or agents, of the rights and obligations hereby granted
  • Items collected may be recycled, reused or disposed of at our discretion

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