What is the deadline for applying for a proxy vote in the forthcoming election?

You can apply for a proxy vote at any time until 5pm, 6 working days before an election (excluding Saturdays and Sundays and Bank Holidays). You do not have to wait for an election to be announced to apply.

Medical emergency 

If you have a medical emergency 6 working days or less before the Election, you can apply for an Emergency Proxy Vote up until 5pm on polling day. Your application to vote by proxy must be supported by a doctor, registered state nurse or Christian science practitioner who must sign your application.

Occupation or employment reasons 

If you are not able to attend the polling station in person for reasons relating to your occupation, service or employment, and you only become aware of this after 5pm on the sixth working day before an election, you can apply to vote by emergency proxy up until 5pm on election day.

If you are self-employed, your application must be supported by a person aged 18 years or over who knows you and is not your spouse, civil partner, parent, grandparent, brother, sister, child or grandchild.

If you are a member of the Armed Forces, a Crown servant, a British Council employee or the spouse or civil partner of one of the above and you are registered as a service voter, you do not need support for your application.

If you are registered as an ordinary elector, you will need support from your employer or another authorised person at your workplace.

For further details please contact the Elections Office - 01604 837111