Missed Bin Collection (Daventry)

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Missed bin enquiry

This form is used by our residents to report justified missed collection:

  • Domestic/Communal and Assisted Refuse and Recycling Collections
  • Clinical Sharps Boxes and Incineration Bags
  • Small Electrical Items
  • Batteries

We will only return to collect your missed waste if your waste:….

  • was correctly presented - This means that the correct waste bins were presented at the boundary of your property by 6.30 am on the day of your collection
  • contains the correct items – This means that your bin should only contain items that are permitted for that collection type. For example we will not take your bin if you have put scrap metal in your recycling bin or animal bedding in your garden waste.
  • crew have completed their rounds for the day - You should wait until 4.30pm on your collection day before raising a missed collection - even if the rest of your street has been collected.
  • was missed 2 working days ago or less - Your missed collection must be reported within 2 working days of your collection day.

If any of the above conditions are not met, we will not return to collect your waste and you should represent it on the next collection day scheduled.

Before proceeding with this form, please confirm you have read all criteria and can confirm that you meet all of the conditions for reporting a justified missed collection. If the waste team decline to return for any of the above reasons then your waste will not be collected until your next scheduled collection day.