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Do you have a list of buildings that are considered tall?

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NBC owns 11 properties that are above 18 metres; these properties are managed through Northampton Partnership Homes. The list below shows the properties, the number of storeys and the year that they were built:

St Katherines Court , (12 storeys) 1957
St Stephens House, (7 storeys) 1974
St Johns House, (7 storeys) 1974
Abbey House (6 storeys) 1971
Melbourne House (6 storeys) 1971
Devonshire House (6 storeys) 1971
Berkley House (6 storeys) 1961
St Marks House (6 storeys) 1975
St Barnabas House (6 storeys) 1974
Rillwood Court (6 storeys) 1975
Alliston Gardens (6 storeys) 1970