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Northampton Credit Union offer people on a low income the opportunity to apply for affordable small loans with no catches.

The Delta Loans Scheme is designed to help people who struggle to get affordable loans and might be tempted to rely on doorstep lenders or loan sharks to cover unforeseen expenses such as school uniforms or fixing or replacing essential appliances like washing machines.

Loans are offered at 26.8 % interest per annum compared to other well-known lenders that currently offer interest rates exceeding 270 per cent per annum. If you borrow £300 You could save over £200 in interest when borrowing from Northampton Credit Union compared to doorstep lenders.

Comparison of loan costs
 Delta loan  Main doorstep lender loan

 Borrow £300
36 weekly payments of £9
total repayable £326
(APR 26.8%)

 Borrow £300
52 weekly payments of £10.50
total repayable £546
APR 272.2%

Don't get ripped off !

Loan applications for rent deposits or to pay off more expensive debts will also be considered under the scheme.

Anyone interested in applying for a loan can call the Credit Union direct on 01604 250016.

Or email them on

page updated 01/09/2011