Standards committee

The standards committee is currently responsible for:

  • Ensuring councillors and other representatives are trained to carry out their duties effectively
  • Advising on the members' code of conduct and helping councillors and other representatives to understand what their duties are in relation to the code
  • Investigating complaints received about elected borough and parish council members
  • Monitoring the operation of the code
  • Conducting local hearings and determination of sanctions should a breach of the code of conduct be found
  • Granting dispensations to councillors, co-opted members from requirements relating to interests set out in the members' code of conduct
  • Advising the council on other codes and protocols forming the authority's ethical framework
  • Considering arrangements for the appointment of independent members to the committee
  • Ensuring the authority operates within a robust corporate governance framework
  • Considering any report referred to it by the cabinet or any other committee where there are implications for ethical standards and report back as appropriate.