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Bin collections are affected by the icy weather

There may be some delays in collecting your bins and boxes this week but all buses are now operating as normal. Also, due to resources we will be collecting food waste on your next collection date.

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How much money will a micro-wind turbine save?

The electricity generated at any one time by a wind turbine is highly dependent on the speed and direction of the wind. If you are considering a domestic building mounted installation and electricity generation is your main motivation, you should consider a wind turbine under the following circumstances:

  • The local annual average windspeed is 6m/s or more
  • There are no significant nearby obstacles such a s buildings, trees or hills that are likely to reduce the windspeed or increase turbulence

If you are in any doubt, please consult a suitably qualified professional.

For free-standing wind turbines assuming that you use 40 per cent of wind-produced electricity in your home, and sell 60 per cent back to the grid, an average 2.5kW wind energy system could save you £150-£250 a year in electricity bills and you could be cutting your home's CO2 emissions by one to two tonnes a year. I

f you are unsure how much wind blows around your home visit the Department for Business Enterprise and Regulatory Reform (BERR)'s webpage ( or for around £130 you could buy an anemometer. You will need to set it on top of your own monitoring mast and record the exact wind speeds above your home.

Date last reviewed:  10/02/2009