Contaminated Land

What is Contaminated Land?

Contaminated land means any substance or substances at a particular site that presents a significant risk of causing harm. Like many other urban areas, Northampton has a long history of industrial development that has resulted in pollution, that must be cleaned up before the land can be redeveloped.

The Council has powers to make polluters and landowners clean up land that has been affected by historical pollution.  The Council has published its contaminated land inspection strategy and the inspection of the area is progressing.  The issue of contamination is frequently raised during house purchases and other property transactions. 

When sites which may have previously been subject to contamination are redeveloped the developer is responsible for assessing the risks that may be present to human health and to the environment.  Planning conditions will be imposed on such developments to ensure that remediation measures are put in place to make the site suitable for the proposed use. 

The following documents give more details of the information on planning requirements and developer's responsibilities.


Contaminated Land - A Guide for Developers and Their Advisors
Contaminated Land - Planning Guidance