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Place Survey

In July 2010 the new government announced they were formally postponing the Place Survey planned for Autumn 2010.

The Place Survey was a statutory survey of a sample of local residents - effectively a national survey carried out by local authorities.

The survey was designed to measure people's perceptions of their local area and services, and also collected information on national indicators for local government, used to measure the performance of local government.

The results from the last statutory 2008-9 survey were published by the Communities and Local Government website on 23 June 2009 and these are available as downloads:-

The Local Area Agreement (LAA) and working with partners

The Council works with many other organisations - public, private and voluntary - to improve the quality of life for local people.  Together we agree shared aims and objectives, and each of us has made commitments to help achieve these goals. 

The Sustainable Communities Strategy for Northamptonshire

The Northamptonshire Partnership agrees the direction for public services for the whole county, and this is described in the Sustainable Communities Strategy for Northamptonshire. 

The shared aims of the Sustainable Community Strategy for Northamptonshire are to:

  • be successful through sustainable growth and regeneration
  • develop through having a growing economy with more skilled jobs
  • have safe and strong communities
  • have healthy people who enjoy a good quality of life

What is the Northamptonshire Partnership?

The Northamptonshire Partnership is made up of different organisations and agencies that provide services to the public of Northamptonshire. These include, the County Council, Borough and District Councils, Health, Police, Probation, Fire and Rescue, Education, Voluntary organisations and many more. The Partnership aims to make sure these organisations are working together to make the best use of money to deliver the best possible services for the people of Northamptonshire.

For further information visit the Northamptonshire Partnership website at:

What is a Local Area Agreement?

A Local Area Agreement, usually referred to as LAA, was a way of working between central Government and all the bodies (like the County Council, District and Borough Councils, the Police and Primary Care Trusts) who provide services in an area, such as Northamptonshire. The Agreement is intended to improve partnership working and help deliver national priorities at a local level. For example better schools, lower crime rates and more affordable housing in Northamptonshire.

This way of working meant that the Government and the key partners in the area decided together how to improve things for the people and communities of Northamptonshire and how money will be allocated to achieve this.

The second Local Area Agreement (2008 - 2011) was agreed in June 2008 and included 35 National Indicators, 16 statutory education indicators and 18 Local Indicators that will enable us to deliver well developed and evidenced priority outcomes for our local areas and communities. This Council will work with partners to ensure that the targets are met.

In addition there are a number of key 'well-being' indicators to enhance our Local Area Agreement to reflect the growth agenda as we are one of the fastest growing areas in the country.

With other councils, the police, health service, voluntary organisations and others, we are committed to improving life for local people in specific, measurable ways.

They particularly relate to service provision in the following areas:-

  • children and young people
  • safer, stronger communities
  • health and older people
  • economic development

For more information about the Northamptonshire Partnership contact:

Nicci Marzec
Local Strategic Partnership Director
Assistant Chief Executive Directorate
The Guildhall

Tel: 01604 837431

Community Vision for Northampton  

Northampton's Local Strategic Partnership sets out the vision and priorities for the town in the Sustainable Community Strategy for Northampton  This was developed through wide consultation, led by this Council.

The Strategy focuses on:

  • living and thriving
  • fit and healthy
  • safe and secure
  • children and young people

 NBC and Partnership Working

For more information on how the Council manages its partnerships, please click here