New grants available for businesses and taxi vehicle licence holders

Published: Tuesday, 09 February 2021

Northampton Borough Council is inviting businesses and taxi vehicle licence holders to apply for grant funding recently released by Government, to cover their fixed costs during the current lockdown.

The new Local Restrictions Support Grant is available to rateable value businesses which were required to close by law due to the national lockdown that started on 5 January. This grant includes a one-off Closed Business Lockdown Payment and applications can be submitted until 31 March.

The Additional Restrictions Grant is available to businesses that are outside of the business rates system and were required to close by law due to the current national lockdown that started on 5 January, and to businesses severely impacted, but not forced to close during this lockdown (including those that supply the retail, hospitality and leisure sectors, or businesses in the events sector).

Taxi vehicle licence holders (Hackney Carriage and Private Hire) can also apply for the Additional Restrictions Grant Taxi Vehicle Licence Scheme, to support with a reduced number of fares in December 2020, owing to the local restrictions that were in place. Applications for this scheme must made by 12 March 2021.

Cllr Jonathan Nunn, Leader of the Council, said: “We know businesses will be feeling the financial impact of this current lockdown and taxi drivers were undoubtedly affected by what was a much quieter Christmas period.

“We have almost £10 million of new funding to issue, in addition to £7 million remaining in several other grants schemes, which are still open to the eligible businesses so vital to our local economy.

“So please do apply, ensuring that you provide all the necessary information, so we can process your grant as quickly as possible.”

Local Restrictions Support Grants and Additional Restrictions Grants for the 5 November to 2 December lockdown are still available until the 12 February application deadline, along with grants for businesses that were required to close during tiers 2, 3 and 4 restrictions. 

Wet-led pubs can also apply for a one-off £1,000 Christmas Support Payment, until 28 February 2021.

Applications can be made through the online portal which also gives detailed information on all available grants.

Anyone requiring assistance with their application can contact the grants team on the following email addresses:

[email protected] for the Local Restrictions Support Grant and the Tiers 2,3 and 4 restrictions Grants.

[email protected] for Additional Restrictions Grants and the Additional Restrictions Grant Taxi Vehicle Scheme.