New strategy to deliver Carbon Neutral Northampton by 2030

Published: Tuesday, 15 December 2020

Northampton Borough Council Cabinet members are set to discuss a proposed strategy that aims to deliver a net zero carbon, zero waste and climate resilient town by 2030.

It is hoped the ambitious Carbon Neutral Northampton 2030 plan will help tackle climate change and protect the health and wellbeing of future generations.

The strategy has several key objectives, including:

  • building a sustainable local economy that encourages low-carbon businesses to invest in the town while working with existing businesses to improve environmental performance
  • developing healthy communities through improved energy performance among households, increased local food production, improved air quality and green transport and infrastructure networks
  • improving Northampton’s climate resilience through more efficient water management, increased local renewable energy sources and better building standards
  • ensuring climate change is at the forefront of the Council’s decision making as well as education and engagement with partners, residents and businesses.

Measures proposed by Carbon Neutral Northampton 2030 include banning single-use plastics in schools, promoting earlier take-up of electric cars, ensuring new buildings are carbon-neutral and generating energy from bio-waste.

Cllr Mike Hallam, Cabinet Minister for Environment, said: “National government has already committed to ensuring the UK is emitting net zero greenhouse gases in the future, so it was only right we developed a strategy that mirrored this in Northampton.

“Achieving carbon neutrality by 2030 is an ambitious target, but we know we can achieve it with the support of the public, schools, businesses and all our partners.

“We are already taking steps to develop a greener Northampton by implementing a series of sustainability measures such as expanding our electric vehicle charging point network and growing the town’s cycling facilities and routes so that more people are encouraged to leave their cars at home.”

Cabinet will discuss the proposals at its virtual meeting on Wednesday 16 December at 6pm. Full details on the proposals can be found online at

The cabinet meeting will be streamed directly to YouTube at 6pm on the same day at