Have your say on transformational proposals for Northampton town centre

Published: Wednesday, 02 September 2020

Northampton Forward board is asking residents to have their say on which transformational projects should be prioritised in Northampton 

as part of the Government’s Towns Fund which could see up to £25 invested in the town.

Northampton is one of 100 towns across the country that have each been invited to bid for up to £25 million funding. To help secure a share of this funding the board is producing a Town Investment Plan which needs to provide a long-term vision for Northampton, as well as identify potential projects that would help improve the town, drive economic regeneration and growth in the short, medium and long term.

Drawing on feedback from key stakeholders and previous public consultations a number of projects have been put forward, including:


  • New sustainable residential development, Abington street – Phase 1
  • New sustainable residential development, Abington Street – Phase 2
  • Greyfriars residential-led development
  • Marefair heritage park and residential community
  • Market Walk
  • Emporium Way Market
  • Swan Street and Albion Place
  • Four Waterside Gateway development
  • Freeschool street
  • Town centre public realm on Abington street, St Giles Terrace, Fish street and St Giles street

Skills and enterprise:

  • Arts Education and Digital Arts Centre on Guildhall Road
  • Market Walk
  • Swann Street and Albion Place
  • Four Waterside Gateway development
  • Horizon House office development
  • Digital HUB at Northampton Library

Infrastructure and connectivity:

  • Greyfriars bus and coach interchange
  • Connected Northampton
  • Town centre public realm on Abington Street, St Giles Terrace, Fish Street and St Giles Street
  • New pedestrian crossing links from the town centre to the train station and University of Northampton

Councillor Jonathan Nunn, Leader of Northampton Borough Council and Chair of the Northampton Forward board, said: “This is an exciting time for Northampton as we have a huge potential to deliver re-invention with significant investment opportunities for the town coming forward.

“It is vital that the public get to have their say with ideas that will directly shape the future of Northampton and play a part in this grant bidding process, as we take this once in a lifetime opportunity to transform Northampton and make the town the best it can be for generations to come."

The public consultation will be held between Wednesday, 2 September – Sunday, 27 September. Members of the public can share their views and decide which projects should be prioritised for the Towns Fund Investment Plan at https://survey.websurveycreator.com/s/townsfundconsultation