Work completes on Rectory Farm Community Centre renovation

Published: Tuesday, 21 July 2020

We have now finished work on the newly-extended and renovated Rectory Farm Community Centre.

It was originally configured in a way that was unable to meet demand from different community uses, with insufficient available space.

A new hall has been built which offers the addition space required, and internal facilities including the kitchen have been upgraded to improve usability and safety.

Additional security measures have also been installed to ensure the protection of children who attend the playschool group which meets there every day.

We funded the work, partially through money gained from an out-of-court settlement with Hawthorne Leisure which wished to be released from a community covenant on the nearby former Barn Owl pub which it converted into a Co-op supermarket.

After viewing the new facility last week Cllr James Hill, ward councillor for Rectory Farm, said: “I’m absolutely blown away by what I’ve seen today.

“It’s a fantastic new facility and for me personally it represents the culmination of four years worth of work which began when our pub, the Barn Owl, was originally designated to be closed and the campaign to try and save that pub.

“Unfortunately we didn’t manage to do that but what we did manage to do was get some funding from the developers towards this.

“This is a new fantastic facility which is going to go on and really benefit our community and people for many years to come.”