Celebrating Northampton’s parks and green spaces

Published: Wednesday, 08 July 2020

Northampton Borough Council and town’s park friends groups are encouraging residents to safely enjoy parks and green spaces across town

 and show them the love they deserve, during Love Parks Week, 11 to 21 July.

To help celebrate the town’s beautiful parks information about local beauty spots, community gardens, hills and hollows and a range of social distanced activities such as walking in the woods, challenges people can do in their own family, fitness in the park and volunteering opportunities will be shared throughout the week via the Virtual Love Northampton Parks Week Facebook event.

Park users are encouraged to get involved in the anti-litter campaigns #myparkisyourpark and #mystreetisyourstreet and be the change they what to see by picking up their rubbish and either disposing of it in a nearby bin or taking it home at the end of their visit and report instances of littering as they occur to raise awareness, change behaviour, reduce clean-up costs and keep the environment clean.

Using the hashtag #LoveNorthamptonParks people are being asked to share their favourite childhood memories of things they learnt to do at the park, it can be your first cartwheel, kite flying, learning to ride a bike, roller skating or even your first landscape painting.

Councillor Anna King, Cabinet member for community engagement and safety, said: “This Love Parks Week, I encourage everyone to get out and safely enjoy our beautiful parks.

“Spending time in a park is a great way to get closer to the nature and improve your mental wellbeing - plus by using and celebrating your local park, you’ll be helping to protect them for future generations.

“We urge people to have pride in our parks and at the same time act responsibly, respect the surroundings by keeping them clean and report any instances of littering, graffiti or full bins at www.northampton.gov.uk/reportit .”

To ensure everyone is able to make the most of their time outdoors this summer, please consider the following advice:

  • Keep 2 metres or more away from other people
  • Supervise children closely at all times
  • Do not overcrowd the play equipment, if the play area looks too busy, please go for a walk and come back when there are fewer people
  • Picnics can be really popular – to keep these spaces clean and safe, please remember to take your rubbish home or place it in a bin
  • The use of barbecues is not permitted, as smoke can be antisocial and cinders that are not properly extinguished can pose a hazard, particularly to children and dogs
  • If walking your dog through the park, keep it on a lead where possible and be aware of its movements at all times to ensure you can clear up after it when necessary
  • Flying kites, throwing a frisbee and kicking a ball around are fun in the sun – please ensure you consider other park users
  • Gain a licence from the Council should you wish to fly power-driven aircraft, including drones, and be mindful when using them, as they have the potential to cause serious injuries.