Residents get their say on future development in Northampton

Published: Monday, 15 June 2020

Residents will have a further opportunity to make their voices heard on future development in Northampton after a consultation was agreed last week.

Northampton Borough Council’s Cabinet has approved recommendations to make the area’s Local Plan Part 2 available for public comment.

The document sets out the planning framework for the borough until 2029 including allocation of sites felt appropriate for development.

Cllr James Hill, Cabinet Member for planning, said: “This subject matter might seem a little dry at first glance, but it is absolutely vital that people take the opportunity to comment.

“In this part of the Local Plan, we are identifying areas within the borough which could see development in the future, some of which will certainly impact on the surrounding communities.

“For people just to say they don’t want development in their areas isn’t an option, though, they will need to provide sound reasons why.

“We also like to hear from those who would support any of the local plan’s content where they feel it would benefit their community.

“Our last consultation on this document generated a sizeable response which led to significant changes and we are keen to receive feedback on the result.”

As part of the Local Plan Part 2, there is a requirement to deliver 18,870 new homes and make a significant contribution to the creation of 28,500 new jobs.

The original version published in 2019 and extensive feedback from the public and other stakeholders resulted in additional refinement.

The draft document will go out for public consultation but due to the current situation around Coronavirus, face-to-face public engagement will not be possible.

A brief outline of the consultation plan is included with the report, but this is not exhaustive and will be expanded upon. The consultation will launch at the start of July and further details will be published at that time.

Visit to see the full report and appendices.