Be the change you want to see

Published: Tuesday, 02 June 2020

New anti-litter campaigns are set to launch in Northampton this summer promoting personal responsibility for the issue of litter by creating a sense of inclusion and shared ownership of space.

#myparkisyourpark and #mystreetisyourstreet campaigns are being led by Northampton Borough Council and Veolia.

The campaigns aim to encourage people to take responsibility for their own rubbish, whether they are at home or out and about in the town’s parks and streets.

The public is encouraged to be the change they want to see and make a difference through simple behaviour changes such as using appropriate bins across town streets and parks, taking their rubbish home with them if bins are full and reporting littering at

Cllr Mike Hallam, Cabinet Member for the Environment at Northampton Borough Council, said: “We know that the majority of residents dispose of their rubbish in a responsible way. However, the actions of a selfish minority ruin everyone’s enjoyment of our streets, parks and open spaces, affects people’s feelings of wellbeing and safety and attracts crime.

“As the lockdown measures are being eased, people need to play their part in shaping the ‘new normal’, leaving behind any old littering habits and taking litter home with them.

“Don’t accept bad behaviour in your area and set a good example by clearing up after yourself, taking litter home if public bins are full and putting your waste and recycling out on the correct days.

“Please get involved on our #myparkisyourpark and #mystreetisyourstreet campaigns and be the change you what to see, keep reporting instances of littering as they occur to raise awareness, change behaviour, reduce clean-up costs and keep our beautiful environment clean.”

People will be encouraged to become the stars of the campaign materials, by taking anti-litter selfies in their community, using the hashtags #myparkisyourpark and #mystreetisyourstreet.

As part of the campaign, public litter bins will be signposted with flags along with new and fun chewing gum drops and cigarette butt survey bins placed in Northampton parks and town centre.