Watch where you send your waste

Published: Monday, 20 January 2020

Northampton residents are being urged to take care who they employ to dispose of their waste, after a successful prosecution in December.

On 10 July our Neighbourhood Wardens discovered a pile of sacks in Foskitt Court, Bellinge, which, following investigation, contained evidence of whose it was.

When challenged, the householder – Christina Dovkants of Hanemill Court, Bellinge – said she had hired someone to take the waste away but had not confirmed their details.

Cllr Mike Hallam, Northampton Borough Council Cabinet member for environment, said: “This is a common mistake which leaves people open to prosecution.

“As Keep Britain Tidy’s #CrimeNotToCare campaign highlights, your waste is your responsibility, so unless it is disposed of responsibly it could come back to haunt you.”

Traders are required by law to hold a waste carrier’s licence, and anyone employing a contractor should ask to see this as well as obtaining their vehicle details.

As a consequence of not doing so, on 16 December Ms Dovkants pleaded guilty to failure to secure domestic waste, under S34 (2A) of the Environmental Protection Act. She was fined £493 and ordered to pay £100 costs and a £49 victim surcharge.

Further advice for residents seeking to have someone else dispose of their waste includes asking for a transfer note or receipt from the contractor, checking where the waste is going, and making a note of any other details they feel might be useful.