Anti-social neighbour appeal dismissed

Published: Wednesday, 15 January 2020

Northampton Borough Council’s Antisocial Behaviour team, together with the Police Neighbourhood Team and Northampton Partnership Homes, successfully defended an appeal

against a Community Protection Notice at Northampton Magistrates court last week.

The Borough Council had previously served the notice on a resident following a neighbour dispute, with conditions including a requirement to supervise their children and prevent harassment, alarm or distress to others.  

The court agreed that the serving of the Community Protection Notice under the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 by the Council, was reasonable and dismissed the appeal.  The court also awarded costs of £750 to the Council.

A Borough Council spokesperson said: “Before considering any enforcement action, we continuously work with our partners to try and resolve neighbour disputes, adopting a stepped approach including support and mediation.

“Community Protection Notices can cover a large range of behaviours, as they aim to deal with ongoing problems or nuisances which have a negative impact on residents’ quality of life.

“Breaching the notice is a criminal offence, which in this instance, led to prosecution. Our officers worked closely with the police to get this result, which is a positive outcome for the people affected.”  

Sergeant Wyn Hughes, said: “The issuing of a CPN is not something we, nor the Council, consider lightly.

“However it became necessary in this case due to the negative impact the defendant’s behaviour was having on the community in the area.

“We were pleased to be able to support the Council in this case and hope the CPN in place allows the residents in this area to live a better quality of life, as everyone deserves to in their own home and neighbourhood.”