Simple advice for a Spooktacular Halloween night out

Published: Wednesday, 30 October 2019

Residents and visitors to the town are being reminded of simple safety advice for nights out, especially during busy evenings around Halloween.

The personal safety tips were formulated as part of the ongoing ‘Out tonight? campaign. The campaign was first launched in spring 2017 in partnership with Northamptonshire Police, Northamptonshire Police and Crime Commissioner, University of Northampton, Northampton Pubwatch, Northampton Street Pastors, and local private hire and taxi companies.

The common-sense advice encourages people to take responsibility for their own wellbeing during nights out and messages include:

  • Planning your journey home in advance
  • Knowing how to identify licensed taxi and private hire vehicles
  • Saving an in-case-of-emergency contact number on your phone
  • Charging your phone before you leave the house
  • Being mindful of your possessions whilst out
  • Staying with your friends throughout the night
  • Using the safer route home if heading back to Northampton University’s Waterside Campus
  • Know who to ask for help if you need it

Additional support for night time revellers during the Halloween and pay-day weekend will be available from the Street Pastors and venue door staff. The pastors will be patrolling Wellingborough Road, Abington Street and Bridge Street, providing support, on Saturday 2 November.

Councillor Anna King, Cabinet member for community safety and engagement, said: “The ‘Out tonight?’ campaign has really helped us to reach out and remind people of common-sense advice to ensure that they have an enjoyable and safe night out in the town, particularly during busy occasions such as Halloween and Christmas.

“Planning ahead can help you avoid situations where you feel uncomfortable, for instance choosing a safe place where you’ll regroup with friends if you get separated or making sure that your phone is fully charged before you head out, can really make a difference.

“It is also important to know that there are people who can help you if things go wrong while you’re out too. You can always talk to police officers and the street pastors and member of bar and door staff help provide additional support too.

“Many of the staff who work in the night-time economy in Northampton have had training on how to spot people who need some help but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t ask for help if you think you need it.”

Keith Holland-Delamere, the Northampton Street Pastors Coordinator, said: “We're here to help people stay safe on their night out and have done so for 11 years. Please take a look at the very useful safety advice on the Out tonight page; plan ahead before your night out.”

Local policing Chief Inspector James Willis said: “We appreciate Halloween and Bonfire Night is a fun time of year for many people, and we don’t want to stop you having a good time. However we’d like to remind everyone to behave in a responsible manner, and appreciate that not everyone wants to participate."

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