New police officers for Northampton town centre

Published: Wednesday, 16 October 2019

“We are bringing the fight to criminals” – these are the words of a police sergeant in Northampton as ten extra police officers deployed to the town centre begin to net results.

Operation Lily is Northamptonshire Police’s operation to tackle crime in and around Northampton town centre – a hotspot for crime.

Ten extra police officers have been deployed to the town centre and in their first week, the team have netted some great results, including 18 arrests for a variety of offences, from anti-social behaviour and shoplifting to possession of drugs with intent to supply and racially aggravated assault.  

In that time, 18 stop searches have also been carried out and 44 alcohol seizures have also taken place.

Neighbourhood Policing Sergeant Becky Izzard, said: “By deploying extra resources to the town centre, we are bringing the fight to criminals, and we want them to know that we will not tolerate their behaviour disrupting our law-abiding citizens in Northampton town centre.

“Feedback from the community has already been very positive and traders on the Market Square have noticed a significant decrease in criminal activity. 

“I look forward to Operation Lily continuing and bringing in more good results.”

Cllr Anna King, Northampton Borough Council Cabinet member for community safety and engagement, said: “We’ve worked long and hard with our colleagues at Northamptonshire Police to achieve this increase in their presence.

“For two years now we have paid for additional officers to patrol the town centre during a series of ‘days of action’ which helped demonstrate the extent of the issues we experience.

“The new officers are already making a huge difference and we’re confident their activity will make Northampton town centre a more pleasant place for visitors.”