Review of single person council tax discounts

Published: Monday, 30 September 2019

Northampton Borough Council is reviewing council tax discounts currently being claimed by those who have stated they live alone at a property.

The council tax scheme assumes that two or more people live in a home and anyone who is a sole occupant can apply for a 25 per cent discount designed to lessen their financial burden.

Occasionally people’s circumstances change meaning they are no longer eligible for the discount but they fail to declare this.

As part of its review, the Council is directing recipients to return a declaration, either online or by post, verifying their occupancy details.

Cllr Brandon Eldred, Council Cabinet member for finance, said: “When people’s circumstances change it doesn’t always occur to them to contact everyone who needs to be informed.

“On occasion it might not even register that there has been a change, such as when a youngster turns 18, effectively becoming an adult occupant.

“In some cases, even when someone is no longer eligible for the single person discount, they might qualify for something else.

“I would urge everyone who receives a letter to ensure they complete the declaration, either confirming their continued eligibility or informing us of any changes.”

Recipients can visit and use their unique pin which will be contained in the letter, or they can post back the paper form accompanying it.

The form also contains a list of circumstances in which occupants of the house might be exempt from council tax liability.

Failure to complete the form within 14 days of receiving the letter will result in removal of the discount, following which a new council tax bill will be issued.

Anyone with problems or questions relating to this process should call 01604 269390.