#MyParkIsYourPark anti-litter campaign to launch in Becket’s Park

Published: Tuesday, 16 July 2019

A new anti-litter campaign is set to launch in Becket’s Park during this year’s Love Park Week.

The #MyParkIsYourPark campaign, which is being led by Northampton Borough Council and Veolia, will launch on 18 July.

The aim of the campaign is to encourage people to take responsibility for their own rubbish, whether they are at home or out and about in the town’s parks and streets.

As part of the campaign, public litter bins will be sign posted with flags and new and fun chewing gum drops and cigarette butt survey bins placed in Becket’s Park for a period of six weeks, with the possibility of permanent bins being installed in the future.

The campaign aims to move location within the town every six to eight weeks, with a focus on parks during the summer months, before moving into the town’s streets later in the year.

Other possible locations for the campaign include Abington Park, Delapre Park, Abington Street, St James and Dallington Village.

People will be encouraged to become the stars of the campaign materials, by taking anti-litter selfies at events and in their community, using the hashtags #MyParkIsYourPark and #MyStreetIsYourStreet.

Councillor Mike Hallam, Cabinet member for environment, said: “We’re already seeing a fantastic community movement in relation to tackling litter in the town, with a great number of residents taking part in litter picks and joining our Street Champions Scheme.

“We want to thank those that are doing such valuable work in their community and aim to boost those efforts with our anti-litter campaign, which aims to create local pride and a shared responsibility for the cleanliness of the town.”

Keith McGurk, Regional Director for Veolia said: “Veolia and idverde teams litter pick and clean Northampton’s streets and parks regularly. The anti-litter campaign that we are launching this summer addresses the issue of littering. We are hoping that it will have a long-term impact on behaviours, tackling all types of litter, from gums and cigarette buts to packaging. The campaign is designed to engage with residents in Northampton and get everyone on board.”

Nick Stephens from Buddies of Beckets, the park volunteer group, added; “BOB is very supportive of any initiative that helps to tackle rubbish left in our park. Cigarette butts and gum blight all our parks. We never cease to be amazed at how people can just discard their litter all over the place. Broken glass, old food and plastic can hurt dogs being walked. Not to mention the harm caused to wildlife and children.

“We want Beckets Park to be used and enjoyed by the community and for the minority of people who drop litter to be educated and to change their selfish ways.”

The Northampton anti-litter campaign supports the nationwide hubbub poster campaign which promotes personal responsibility for the issue of litter by creating a sense of inclusion and shared ownership of space.

Once the campaign is up and running in the town, materials will become available to community groups, enabling them to run the campaign at a localised level.

If you think a similar campaign could benefit your area  and are ready to support it, please email uk.recycling.northampton@veolia.com