Environmental Enforcement Officers help to seize fake perfumes

Published: Tuesday, 16 April 2019

Fake perfumes and aftershaves were confiscated from sellers in the town centre last week,

thanks to the efforts of Northampton Borough Council’s Environmental Enforcement Officers and the Northampton Neighbourhood Police Team.

Enforcement Officers assisted in the detainment of three men selling the counterfeit products in Abington Street, until Police Officers arrived to confiscate the items.

Members of the public are advised against buying these products, as they are likely to be fake and could cause a health risk. They are instead urged to inform Trading Standards or the Police.

Councillor Mike Hallam, Cabinet member for environment, said: “Our Enforcement Officers did a great job assisting the Police to tackle these sellers and they work hard with partners, including the Police, to keep our streets safe and clean.”

PCSO Scott Potter said: “Please consider that the substance you are being sold is unlikely to be an official product, and could cause a number of health issues.

 “A number of these sellers have been identified, but until the matter is completely dealt with, please do not support these sellers and risk yours and others health.

 “We would strongly advise people not to purchase these products as they are most likely going to be fake.” 

The team of officers from Kingdom Environmental Services Ltd are contracted by the Borough Council to carry out litter enforcement across the borough. Their work is entirely funded from the proceeds of enforcement action.

In the last quarter from 1 January to 31 March 2019, officers have issued 923 fixed penalty notices for littering and 143 people have been sent to court for prosecution.

The fixed penalty notice for littering is £120, reduced to £75 if paid within the first 10 days. It must be paid within 14 days to avoid court action.

If found guilty, defendants are ordered to pay an average fine of £220, along with court costs of around £125, and a victim surcharge of at least £30. The offence carries a maximum fine of £2,500.