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Use of recycling sacks to be trialled in Far Cotton

Published: Friday, 08 February 2019

A number of properties in Far Cotton have been selected to take part in a 12-month trial using recycling sacks instead of boxes.

The trial, which is due to begin on Friday 5 April, was announced by Northampton Borough Council and Veolia at the Far Cotton Residents meeting on Tuesday 5 February. It will see approximately one thousand properties, who currently present their recycling in boxes, use the recycling sacks for one-year with the aim of making recycling easier and keeping streets cleaner.

Streets identified to take part in the trial are Euston Road, Southampton Road, Clinton Road, Abbey Road, Thirlestane Crescent, Thirlestane Road, Oxford Street, Delapre Street, Haines Road, St Leonards Road.

All properties taking part in the trial will receive further information and their first six-month supply of recycling sacks by the end of March, ready for the trial to begin on their first collection day in April. The supply will allow residents to present two sacks of recycling each week, on the same day that they currently have their recycling collected.

Before, during and after the trial, inspections of the area will take place in order to monitor the effects of residents using the recycling sacks on the streets taking part. Resident feedback about using sacks, will also be sought.

Should the trial go well, Northampton Borough Council and Veolia will look forward to introducing it to other areas of the town next year.

Councillor Mike Hallam, Cabinet member for environment, said: “We introduced the popular blue-topped recycling bins to residents on wheeled bin collections late last summer. Although the bins have only been in use for five months, we’ve already seen the amount of recycling being collected increase and litter on the street reduce, which is exactly what we wanted.

“We know that people who are still presenting their recycling in boxes would want to enjoy similar benefits to their neighbours, who now use recycling bins, and the trial of recycling sacks is to test one option for achieving this. “

Keith McGurk, Regional Director for Veolia said: “Following the introduction of new recycling wheelie bins and service changes in 2018, Veolia continues to improve the services for residents in Northampton.  The Far Cotton trial and the introduction of sacks instead of boxes will hopefully make recycling easier and help keep the streets tidier. ”