Northampton Borough Council helps underwrite gritting extension

Published: Tuesday, 05 February 2019

Northampton Borough Council has chosen to support gritting work carried out by Northamptonshire County Council to cover areas which have been removed from rounds.

As a result of the County Council’s work to strengthen its spending controls, it was forced to reduce gritting for some roads.

One area is the range of streets covered on its gritting rounds, with priority given to major roads which carry the bulk of traffic.

Cllr Jonathan Nunn, Borough Council leader, said: “While we have no direct responsibility for road gritting, we feel it’s absolutely right that we support the County Council’s efforts to keep people safe and keep the borough moving.

“It is important to note that our resources are limited and we will need to put a cap on how much money the Borough Council could contribute if necessary.

“That said, if we experience the kind of winter weather conditions we are accustomed to, our contribution should be sufficient to ensure extra roads will be gritted when necessary.”