Council set to charge for the collection of abandoned shopping trolleys

Published: Friday, 11 January 2019

A proposal for introducing a charge for the collection and storage of abandoned shopping trolleys will be discussed at a Cabinet meeting on Wednesday 16 January.

At the meeting, Councillors will be asked to support plans to apply schedule four of the Environmental Protection Act 1990, across the whole of the borough, enabling the Council to seize and remove abandoned trolleys and then charge the owners for their return.

This proposal follows an increase of abandoned trolleys being reported to the Council during 2018 and support for the suggested charge via a consultation with supermarkets, businesses and residents.

The introduction of a charge aims to encourage more supermarkets to make their own arrangements for preventing trolleys being taken off their premises and for collecting trolleys that are taken and abandoned.

If agreed to, a charge of £65 per collected trolley will be introduced on 1 May 2019.

Councillor Mike Hallam, Cabinet member for environment, said: “Currently the Council’s Neighbourhood Warden and Park Ranger teams respond to any complaints made about abandoned shopping trolleys. In some cases the retrieval of the trolleys can take significant time and resources, for example if the trolleys are left in a watercourse at an inaccessible location.

“Although we know that some of our local supermarkets already have initiatives in place to deal with these issues, we hope that the introduction of a charge will help encourage more to do so and that through improvements in this area, the charge will eventually become unnecessary.”