Knife crime campaign to support 20 Secondary schools this year

Published: Friday, 23 November 2018

More than eight secondary schools in Northampton have signed up to receive the #SaveLivesNoKnives education programme by the end of 2018.

Delivery of the educational programme began in the town on 24 September, following the successful launch of the campaign on the Market Square on 29 August.

So far this has included assembly presentations at three secondary schools as well the delivery of a partnership primary school conference. This was opened by His Honour Judge Mayo and saw 240 students learn more about knife crime, hate crime and online exploitation.

The #SaveLivesNoKnives schools’ programme aims to deter young people from becoming involved in knife culture. Sessions include hard hitting videos, which give the perspectives of a paramedics and a doctor who have attended stabbings involving young people.  As well as recent knife crime statistics, details of the law and the associated dangers of carrying a weapon.

Northampton International Academy is the next to receive the programme, with three assemblies for their years seven, eight and nine and coinciding teacher training sessions, planned to take place between 13 November and 13 December.

Councillor Anna King, Cabinet member for community engagement and safety, said: “With the number of young people found carrying knives increasing across the country, we’re pleased that so many schools are engaging with our awareness campaign.

“The information delivered through the schools’ programme can be tough to take in but we’re confident it will have a lasting impact. The accompanying teachers training helps to provide essential support for them to spot issues and help any students that want to report a fellow pupil for carrying a weapon. We’re pleased that both are being received so well and encourage anyone wanting to get involved to get in touch. ”

Sarah Fuller, Art Teacher at Northampton International Academy, said: “Two of our student leaders attended the youth council meeting at the Guildhall in half term where knife crime was discussed and we look forward to the presentations to all our secondary pupils this term.”

Any school interested in receiving the student education programme and teachers training, can register their interest by emailing [email protected]