Summer days of action creating a safer town centre environment

Published: Friday, 17 August 2018

A weekly partnership initiative is helping to create a safer town centre environment for families and visitors to enjoy during the summer holidays and beyond.

The activities, which are being delivered by Northampton Community Safety Partnership, began on Tuesday, 24 July and are continuing once a week until 6 September.

Since the initiative began, there has been an increased presence from Northamptonshire Police in the town centre, including on the Market Square, funded by Northampton Borough Council. The Council’s outreach workers have also provided numerous instances of support and advice to rough sleepers and beggars in the area.

As a result of the weekly rounds completed by Police staff, Borough Council staff and local support agencies, 25 instances were attended, including the interruption of a bike being stolen and failure to stop at a road traffic accident.

There were also 103 seizures of alcohol, taken from people drinking in public spaces, and 61 warnings given to cyclists who were seen riding their bikes in pedestrian areas.

In addition, Northamptonshire Police conducted 12 stop searches and made seven arrests for shopping lifting, use of drugs in public spaces and domestic assault.

Cllr Anna King, Cabinet member for community engagement and safety, said: “We are now in week four of the summer days of action and so far the plans, tackling anti-social behaviour and making the town centre safer, are going well.

“We have been working well as a partnership to raise awareness of the conditions of the town centre Public Spaces Protection Order and we hope that businesses, residents and visitors have seen the impact of this work already.

“As planned, in the weeks to come, our stance will be getting tougher as we begin to enforce as well as provide guidance to those breaching the PSPO, with the aim of further cutting down negative activities such as street drinking, begging, littering and drug use.”

Sergeant Becky Izzard from the Northampton Neighbourhood Team, said: “We are having a busy summer in the town centre tackling a variety of issues such as people drinking alcohol in public places and cyclists riding in the pedestrianised areas.

“Working closely with partners such as Northampton Borough Council means we are able to tackle some of these issues more effectively, we can establish who has the most appropriate powers to deal with the issue at hand.

“We will continue to work together over the coming months to help resolve some of the issues that have been highlighted by town centre users.”