Delivery of all-in-one recycling bin to begin next week

Published: Tuesday, 31 July 2018

The roll out of the new all-in-one recycling wheelie bins will begin next week from Monday, 6 August.

Residents who are currently on a wheelie bin collection round will receive their new bin, which aims to make dry recycling much easier for residents, over the next few weeks.

The roll out will begin in a week, and will continue on a weekly basis, round by round, until Friday, 14 September. Distribution of the bins will take time and so residents are urged to wait until the end of each week, before chasing the deliveries in their area, even if their direct neighbour has already received their bin and they haven’t.

Residents can start using their new bins as soon as they receive them, however the change in service officially begins on Monday, 17 September, when the bins will be collected on a fortnightly basis.

People who have their waste collected in sacks and those living in flats can continue to use their recycling boxes and communal bins or have the option to present their recycling in clear or white plastic bags.

Separate boxes or bags for different streams won’t be necessary however, as the all-in-one service allows for it all to be collected together. Recycling boxes, bags and communal bins will continue to be collected on a weekly basis.

Food waste and garden waste collections will continue separately and so items of this kind should not be placed in the new all-in-one bins.

Residents’ collection dates and weeks may change at this time also, as waste and recycling services move from six-days a week to five.

Any change to the service will be communicated directly to residents via leaflets through the doors or on their bins. Alternatively, people can check their collection days on the Borough Council’s website at from 17 September.

Cllr Mike Hallam, Cabinet member for environment, said: “The new all-in-one recycling bins are larger which means residents can recycle more than they currently do. And since the bin is lidded, it will stop rubbish blowing around streets in windy weather, helping to keep the streets cleaner, which is exactly what people asked for in the consultation.

“We know people on sack rounds would like to receive similar benefits in their areas. As a result, residents are now able to present their recycling in sacks instead of boxes and Veolia is in the process of completing an audit to identify properties where there is room to store wheelie bins off the streets. These properties will be contacted after September and options are being sought for those properties that don’t have room to store a bin.

“In the meantime, since distribution of the new bins will take time, with crews having to top up supplies on their vans several times a day. We are asking for residents’ to assist the process by only contacting the Council about not receiving a bin, on the Friday of the week that they are expecting to receive it.”

Regional Director Keith McGurk said “We are sure that residents will appreciate the introduction of the new wheeled bins for their recycling. The simpler all-in-one collection is already proving popular and we anticipate an increase in recycling across the borough as a result.”

From 6 August, you can check the week you will receive your new all-in-one recycling bin at    

More information about the all-in-one recycling service and changes to waste and recycling collections is available in our FAQs at