Views sought on the important aspects of Northampton life

Published: Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Northampton Borough Council is seeking residents’ views on what they feel is important about the town, ahead of completion of a proposal for local government reform in Northamptonshire.

The Government has invited all eight local authorities across the county to submit a proposal for a change to unitary status, in which services are provided by a single organisation rather than split between county and borough or district councils.

The proposal is due to be submitted to the Secretary of State by 31 August, 2018, and must follow guidance from Government which stipulates that:

  • A single county-wide unitary is explicitly excluded as an option
  • Each new proposed authority must have a population substantially in excess of 300,000
  • The proposal must be based on existing council boundaries

The countywide consultation is already under way but to ensure what’s special about Northampton is considered, the borough council has launched its own separate questionnaire.

Council leader, Cllr Jonathan Nunn, said: “We would like people to take part and complete our questionnaire so we can really be clear what matters to the people of Northampton in terms of events and activities but also the wider traditions that we celebrate here in the town.

“This is separate to the wider countywide questionnaire and again we would urge people to complete this.

“Neither of the questionnaires take long to fill out, yet they give people the opportunity to help shape the future of public services in Northampton.”

Visit  to take part in the borough council survey.  The official consultation document and questionnaire can be found at