Proposal to increase parking charges in Northampton

Published: Friday, 15 December 2017

Northampton Borough Council is proposing to increase parking charges as part of its work to present a balanced budget for the coming financial year.

The changes would see an increase of £1 to park all day in all Council car parks and the introduction of a £2 charge to park all day at weekends in multi-storey car parks.

It is estimated that this would generate an additional £800,000 annual income to help meet maintenance requirements on the car parks, which currently run at a loss.

These changes will free up funds to protect other front-line services and help minimise the impact on voluntary and community organisations.

Cllr Brandon Eldred, Cabinet member for finance, said: “Parking charges are always an emotive issue and I have no doubt that these changes will be unpopular with shoppers and traders alike.

“I can assure everyone that we considered all other options before settling on parking charge increases as part of the way we might balance our budget for the coming years.

“These are relatively small increases which we believe will have minimal impact but will help us protect other vital services we provide.”

The Council is anticipating having to make savings of around £11.2 million during the next five years and is about to enter into an environmental services contract costing £3.4 million a year more than the current one. Parking charge increases are expected to generate a total of £4.2 million toward this target.

The weekend charge in multi-storey car parks will also help deal with a number of drivers who are abusing the system by arriving and departing during free periods on Saturdays and Sundays, which is not fair on other users.