New neighbourhood area to promote partnership working

Published: Thursday, 07 September 2017

A proposed new neighbourhood area is set to benefit Semilong and Trinity by giving residents more involvement in the future of the area where they live and work.

The suggested neighbourhood area will bring together local residents and community groups, including those living outside of the boundaries, to tackle any issues that may arise from anticipated growth and development in Semilong and Trinity.

Boundaries for the area, which will include Northampton Racecourse, the Barrack Road Conservation Area, residential areas, green spaces and educational establishments, will be discussed by Cabinet next week.

Once the boundaries for the area have been agreed, representatives from the area will form a neighbourhood forum. The forum will continue to work with people who have an interest in the area to establish what issues the plan will cover and take any actions forward.

Cllr Tim Hadland, Cabinet member for regeneration, enterprise and planning, said: “Local people should have a say in their area, which is why we’ve been working with residents and community groups in and around Semilong and Trinity, to establish the boundaries that this new neighbourhood area would cover.

“Following the consultation period, we feel we have developed the best options for a neighbourhood area and want to reassure people that, no matter where the boundaries fall, anyone with an interest in that space, will have plenty of opportunities to input into future developments.”