Top town suggestions to be scrutinised this year

Published: Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Culture and tourism, cemeteries and a dementia friendly town topped the list of suggestions made for the Council’s scrutiny panels to investigate during 2017.

Following an investigation process, which begins at scrutiny panel meetings this September, recommendations will be put forward for Cabinet to consider in mid-2018.

Three areas of investigation were identified by the overview and scrutiny committee as being the most popular suggestions, from the 55 ideas received during the public consultation, which took place in January and February.

Cllr Jamie Lane, chair of the committee, said: “Making the town a better place to work, live and visit is a priority for the committee, which is why, once a year we invite the public to submit their suggestions for our investigation.

“We thank Northampton residents for their ideas this year and look forward to starting the investigations next month into culture and tourism, cemeteries and ensuring that we have a dementia friendly town.”

The general public are welcome to attend any of the overview and scrutiny committee and panel meetings, which are held in public sessions. The next meetings to be held are:

Scrutiny Panel – Culture and Tourism            14 September, 6pm, Abington Museum, Abington Park
Scrutiny Panel – Dementia Friendly Town      21 September, 6pm, Jeffery Room, Guildhall
Overview and Scrutiny Committee                25 September 2017, 6pm, Jeffery Room, Guildhall
Scrutiny Panel – Cemeteries                        27 September 6pm, Jeffery Room, Guildhall

More information about the work of the committee is available on our website or contact the Council's Overview & Scrutiny Officer Tracy Tiff via email: