Bollards planned for more Northampton parks

Published: Thursday, 20 July 2017

Northampton Borough Council will be installing bollards to restrict vehicle access to four more of the town’s green spaces this summer.

Bollards are already in place at many parks around Northampton to help prevent people from driving or parking on the open spaces, and more are now planned as part of the borough council’s ongoing work to protect and maintain its parks.

Spring Park, Kingsthorpe Recreation Ground, Thornton Park, and Abington Park will all benefit from the installation of bollards over the coming months. Work to install new bollards at the Racecourse will be completed this week.  

Councillor Mike Hallam, cabinet member for environment, said:

“The bollards are designed to prevent any unauthorised access to our parks as all motorised vehicles have the potential to damage green spaces, and more importantly, could put the people who use our parks at risk.

“This work is part of an ongoing plan to manage and protect our green spaces, many parks around the borough already have bollards in place and we will continue to install bollards where it is practical to do so.

“While most people respect the byelaws and signage we have in place, installing bollards is one of the ways we can make sure that our parks can be maintained to a high standard for everyone to enjoy.”