Safe summer food

Published: Monday, 19 June 2017

The National Food Standards Agency (FSA) has released advice on summer food safety, as part of national Food Safety Week.

Higher temperatures mean a higher risk of food poisoning if food is not prepared and handled properly so the FSA is encouraging people to think hard about hygiene, particularly when preparing or eating food outdoors. 

Councillor Mike Hallam, cabinet member for environment at Northampton Borough Council, said: “Barbecues and picnics are staples of British summers but many people put themselves at risk of illness by failing to plan ahead or undercooking food. This simple advice from the Food Standards Agency should help everyone make the most of the summer, whatever the weather.

“There’s a common misconception that burgers are like steaks and can be served with a pink centre, however that simply isn’t true. There is three times as much bacteria in a rare burger compared to a well-cooked one, so don’t risk it. Burgers, sausages and poultry all need to be cooked until they are piping hot.

“The FSA have some great advice about how to keep picnic food cool until it’s time to eat too.”

Find the definitive guide to safe summer food, including advice on safe barbecuing and picnicking, on the Food Standards Agency’s website.