Show a little love for your parks and green spaces this summer

Published: Friday, 26 May 2017

The town has many beautiful parks and open spaces that people can enjoy during weekend and holiday activities.

To ensure these spaces are enjoyed safely, the Borough Council is sharing some tips for using them responsibly.

Green Flag award winners Abington Park and Delapré Park are particularly popular with dog walkers while Midsummer Meadow and Becket’s Park are favoured by those taking a break from the office.

Here is some handy advice to help ensure everyone is able to make the most of their time outdoors this summer.

  • Picnics can be really popular – to  keep these spaces clean and safe, please remember to take your rubbish home or place it in a bin in the area
  • The use of barbecues is not permitted, as smoke can be antisocial and cinders that are not properly extinguished can pose a hazard, particularly to children and dogs
  • If walking your dog through the park, keep it on a lead where possible and be aware of its movements at all times to ensure you can clear up after it when necessary
  • Flying kites, throwing a frisbee and kicking a ball around are fun in the sun – please ensure you consider other park users
  • Gain a licence from the Council should you wish to fly power driven aircraft, including drones, and be mindful when using them, as they have the potential to cause serious injuries.

Cllr Jonathan Nunn, the Leader of the Council, said: “Northampton has over 170 parks and green spaces that we want residents and visitors to be able to enjoy throughout the year.

“Although these spaces are regularly monitored by our teams of park rangers and neighbourhood wardens, we urge the public to act responsibly during their park visits, particularly during summer months when the parks will be at their busiest.”

If you have any enquiries or would like to report a problem please visit our website or phone 0300 330 7000.