Northampton Borough Council introduces measures to manage HMOs

Published: Wednesday, 05 April 2017

New planning measures to manage the number of houses of multiple occupancy (HMOs) developed in Far Cotton and Delapré will come into force on Thursday 6 April.

Northampton Borough Council has issued an immediate Article 4 Direction which requires property owners in these areas to apply for planning permission if they wish to convert family homes into HMOs.

Councillor Tim Hadland, cabinet member for regeneration, enterprise and planning, said:

“It’s excellent that our town is continuing to grow, but we want to make sure that we balance the increased demand for accommodation with the need to manage the pressures which can be placed on existing amenities.

“The change does not mean that planning permission won’t be granted, and properties which have already been converted will not be affected. However, it does give us an opportunity to consider issues such as parking provision as part of the planning process.”

The Borough Council first introduced powers to tackle the issue in 2011, with Castle, Abington and Semilong wards among those areas which are already subject to these requirements.

A copy of the Notice of Making, the sealed Direction and a map of the immediate Direction area can be found in the One Stop Shop at the Guildhall. 

Anyone currently in the process of buying a house in this area with the intention of converting it into a HMO is advised to contact Northampton Borough Council’s planning department directly. 

Northampton Borough Council has a dedicated helpline for anyone concerned about a privately rented HMO near them and for landlords who might want advice – the number to call is 0300 330 7002.