Borough Council opens consultation to protect two historical areas in Kingsthorpe

Published: Friday, 18 November 2016

Northampton residents are being encouraged to share their views on the draft appraisal and management plans for two conservation areas in Kingsthorpe.

Members of the public are asked to take part in the consultation on the Kingsthorpe Village and the High Street and Manor Road conservation areas, to help identify features which contribute to their special character, to justify each area’s special status and consider how they can be preserved and enhanced.

The draft appraisals identify a number of features which contribute to the character and appearance of the two areas, including architecturally and historically important buildings, area layout, materials used in buildings, and a wide variety of building styles and ages.

In addition, the appraisals propose that the two areas remain separate and that their boundaries stay the same, excepting inclusion of the Old Institute building on Kingswell Road into the Kingsthorpe Village area.

Comments are also welcome on whether planning permission should be required for anyone wishing to alter the external appearance of their house in Kingsthorpe Village.

Cabinet member for Regeneration, Enterprise and Planning, Cllr Tim Hadland, said: “The two conservation areas in Kingsthorpe have a distinct and attractive character with wonderful architecture, some of which dates back to medieval times.

“Valuing our heritage is incredibly important as we change and grow as a town, so we need to put measures in place to preserve and enhance key features so that generations to come can enjoy them and learn about their history.

“We welcome comments from residents over the next two months on the proposed appraisals, with the aim of putting any changes in place by February 2017.”

Both of the conservation area consultations are open until 20 December. Residents wanting to contribute can email or visit and leave their comments online.

The draft appraisal documents are available for viewing on the Council’s website, in the One Stop Shop at The Guildhall, and at the Kingsthorpe and Central Libraries.