Borough Council reminds people of the importance of returning Canvass as deadline approaches

Published: Friday, 11 November 2016

Northampton Borough Council is reminding residents of the importance of returning the annual Household Enquiry Form that they were sent during August, by the deadline of Friday 25 November.

The purpose of the forms is to ensure that everyone eligible to vote is registered. It is a legal requirement for every household to return their form even if they have individually registered at This is so that details of everyone eligible to register are known to the Electoral Registration Office.

We would encourage everyone who has not sent the completed form back to do so by post this week or next to arrive no later than the 25th. You may also be visited by a member of election staff asking for your form to whom you can give it.

A spokesman said “It is really important that everyone returns their Household Enquiry Forms because without returned forms and people registering we cannot be confident that everyone who should be able to vote will be able to. This is an annual requirement which could, if not done, affect your ability to exercise your right to vote.”

Anyone who no longer has a copy of their Household Enquiry Form can request a replacement from the Elections Team by contacting them on 01604 837111 or at [email protected]