Community Spaces Northampton to manage St Crispin community facilities

Published: Wednesday, 09 November 2016

The management and lease of the newly built facilities on the St Crispin estate is set to be transferred to Community Spaces Northampton, who already run a number of community centres across the town.

Community Spaces Northampton submitted a business plan for the community centre to the Council back in May. A joint decision to appoint the group came in September, after the St Crispin Project Board reviewed and agreed to recommendations made by the Council’s Evaluation Panel. 

Community Spaces Northampton’s business plan contained lots of ideas for the community centre, ticking boxes for community engagement and activities and for their plans for financial sustainability after 5-years of operation, when Council funding for the centre will end. This includes developing income for the centre from room hire and the leasing of certain facilities to community organisations such as Football in the Community, Gregory Celtic Football Club and Northants Baseball Club.

If the proposal for Community Spaces Northampton to be selected is agreed to at a Council Cabinet meeting on 16 November, a 30 year lease and a management agreement will be signed over to the organisation at a notional rent.

Cllr Anna King, Cabinet Member for community engagement, said “Community Spaces Northampton has been successfully managing a number of Council owed community centres since 2012. We feel that this experience makes them the perfect fit for running the purpose built facilities in the St Crispin estate. 

“Their planned programme of activities for the centre are exciting and if the lease and management transfer is agreed to at the Cabinet meeting, they should provide a great way to bring the local communities together and promoting health and wellbeing to residents.”