Borough Council staff to walk for dementia-friendly town

Published: Monday, 03 October 2016

Colleagues from Northampton Borough Council will be taking part in a memory walk to raise awareness of dementia-related issues on Thursday, 6 October.

The walk has been organised as part of the Alzheimer’s Society’s national campaign and contributes to the Borough Council’s plans to make Northampton a dementia-friendly town.

“There will be one million people living with dementia in the UK by 2025 and most of us already know someone who has been affected by the condition. We have set a target to make Northampton a dementia-friendly town.

“Safeguarding the vulnerable people in our communities is vitally important so our aim is to help people in Northampton to recognise the signs of dementia and the best ways to support people who become disorientated or confused. Many of our staff have already undertaken dementia friends training and we’ll be doing much more over the coming years to ensure that people feel safe and supported.

“The memory walk is a fantastic way to raise awareness of the growing numbers of people living with dementia in our community and highlight the need for more research as well as more dementia-friendly communities.” Leader, Councillor Mary Markham.

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