Business Incentive Scheme helps renovation of eight Gold Street properties

Published: Wednesday, 17 August 2016

8 properties in Gold Street have now signed up to the improvements programme introduced by Northampton Borough Council’s Business Incentive Scheme.

The council has so far committed more than £50,000 for improvements, with landlords in turn contributing more than £300,000 towards enhancing their buildings.

The programme involves the following eight Gold Street buildings:

  • 10 Gold Street
    Building front enhancement – in planning

  • 19 Gold Street
    Shop front enhancement - completed

  • 25 Gold Street
    Building front refurbishment and renovation

  • 30 Gold Street
    Three flats on upper level, general refurbishment

  • 42 Gold Street
    Renovation of heritage windows and stonework

  • 48 Gold Street
    Major refit, two flats on upper level, separate entrances to shops/flats and change shop front

  • 57 Gold Street
    Shop front enhancement - completed

  • 60 Gold Street
    Shop front enhancement – in planning

Councillor Tim Hadland, Northampton Borough Council's Cabinet Member for Regeneration, Enterprise and Planning, has welcomed the investment from landlords in Gold Street.

He said: “We were determined to give this gateway area of the town centre a facelift and it has been very pleasing to see both landlords and businesses demonstrating their investment in the area.”