Option for waste to energy plant plan

Published: Thursday, 02 June 2016

Northampton Borough Council has reached a commercial agreement with Rolton Kilbride Ltd for a two-year option on Westbridge depot.

A report is set to go before the council’s cabinet on Wednesday, 8 June, outlining the proposed offer and the conditions under which it would be made.

If the property deal is agreed, Rolton Kilbride will have an opportunity, during the two-year period, to submit a planning application, secure other approvals and carry out appropriate public consultation.

Cllr Tim Hadland, Northampton Borough Council's cabinet member for regeneration, enterprise and planning, said: “This would allow Rolton Kilbride to proceed with its plans with a degree of certainty that, pending planning approval, the scheme could go ahead.

“This could provide the best option for the taxpayers of Northampton, but is something that will have to be considered carefully by cabinet next week.”

Under the terms of the agreement, if the waste to energy facility were to go ahead, Rolton Kilbride would first need to identify an appropriate site for new waste depot facilities, and provide these at its own expense before it could take possession of the existing depot site.

There is a clause in the agreement which would allow Northampton Borough Council to extend the option for a further period if necessary and appropriate.