Nene Meadows Supplementary Planning Document


Adopted by Cabinet on 19th February 2014, this SPD provides guidance for future proposals and informing developers and investors of appropriate land use proposals for the Nene Meadows Area of the town, which comprises Becket's Park, Nene Meadows and Barnes Meadow.

We recently held a consultation on the Draft Document and accompanying Community Impact Assessment. The consultation ran from Thursday 10 October 2013 until 5pm on Thursday 21 November 2013.

Nene Meadows includes over 50 hectares of three green spaces and the town’s Marina. The plan looks at improving the leisure and recreational facilities in the three parks, as well as upgrading transport links to make it easier to get to each park for current and future residents.

The SPD has been prepared partly because it is a requirement set in the recently adopted Central Area Action Plan, and to provide more clarity and guidance on the land use principles for the area, aiming to complement other proposals within its vicinity whilst delivering a clear vision for Nene Meadows.