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What can Citizens Account offer me?

Citizens Account offers two unique services for benefit claimants and landlords:

  • Benefits Online
  • Landlord Portal

Benefits Online

Benefits Online enables you, as a housing and/or Council Tax Reduction claimant, to receive your benefit notification letters electronically as part of your Citizens Account.

This enables you to:

  • Be alerted when you receive a new letter, by e-mail and (if you enter a mobile phone number) text message
  • Access your notification letters 24x7
  • Not worry about letters not being received
  • Not have to worry about storing private paperwork somewhere safe
  • Help reduce the council's carbon footprint and costs by removing the need to print and post out your letters

How do you sign up?

Simply click the link on the top-right to access Citizens Account, and select 'register' from the left-hand sidebar to sign up for a new account (or to log in to your existing Citizens Account, if you already have one, to link up your benefit claim, log in on via the access side of the page).

You will need to have your benefit claim reference number (the 8 digit code that accompanies all correspondence that your receive from us) to hand whilst signing up to link your claim.

Landlord Portal

Landlord Portal is our way of providing landlords with the information they need to check payments of benefit we make direct to them, on behalf of tenants who are receiving Housing Benefit (Direct Payment).

It replaces the previous method of mailing out paper payment schedules, making the system more efficient, more cost effective and enables both the council and the landlord to reduce their carbon footprint.

There are several substantial benefits to this way of working:

  • Where benefit is being paid to you as a landlord, it gives the ability to view a history of all tenant entitlement periods, the benefit awarded and any overpayments, at your convenience
  • You will receive access to your payment schedules more quickly and securely than receiving the same data through the post, and it also eliminates the need to print and administrate these; the details of the payments will be available online within 24 hours of the payment being made
  • Enables you to provide us with up to date contact information so we can issue important notifications to you, knowing you will receive them promptly
  • One account, multiple access; you can give all those staff who need access to the payment information access to see it and know that there is no delay, no need to post or fax information between offices, with the attendant risks of loss or error - all the information is available in one secure location
  • Access to payment data 24x7, 365 days a year
  • Historic documentation for prior payments is accessible too; no more storing hardcopy documents or looking for that elusive schedule that you can't find as it will all be available in one place at the click of a button
  • If you still need printed copies of payment data for accounting or tenant purposes, you can produce as many hardcopies as and when you need to, direct from the secure records available

As a landlord, how do I sign up for online schedules and letters through the Landlord Portal?

Click on the link to the top right and select 'register' from the left-hand sidebar to sign up for a new Citizens Account.

You will need your landlord ref code (the 4 digit code we use on all our correspondence to you), as well as a valid email address that you wish to use for signing in and for notifications to be sent to.

We now only offer Landlord Portal as the primary means to enable landlords to receive their notification letters and payment schedules. 

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