Northampton Waterside Enterprise Zone


The Northampton Waterside Enterprise Zone (NWEZ) is a great place to do business, especially for new and expanding companies.

Enterprise Zones (EZs) are part of the government's wider industrial strategy to support businesses and enable local economic growth. They have established themselves as the driving force of local economies as they unlock key development sites, consolidate infrastructure, attract business and create jobs. EZs are helping to attract more foreign investment into the country and are creating jobs and businesses across England.

Businesses that locate on an EZ can access simplified local authority planning; for example, through local development orders that grant automatic planning permission for certain development (such as new industrial buildings or changing how existing buildings are used) within specified areas.

All business rate growth generated by the EZ is retained by the relevant Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) and local authority in the area for 25 years. This can then be re-invested in local economic growth, reflecting the government's commitment to long-term economic growth.

EZs encourage business clustering around centres of excellence in key sectors such as financial services, bio-sciences, digital and creative industries, advanced engineering, automotive, and renewable energy.

NWEZ boasts a strong high-performance technology and automotive sector, being home to companies such as Cosworth and Mahle powertrain.

The University of Northampton's £330 million move to the NWEZ has created a modern, purpose-built waterside campus for 14,000 students.