A guide to cemeteries

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Memorial permits

We know how important memorials are as a lasting symbol of remembrance. We offer technical advice and help to make sure that all memorials meet cemetery regulations. A permit to erect a memorial will be issued for a period not exceeding 30 years. The permit must then be reapplied for a further 30 years. The memorial must be inspected and any defects repaired before the permit is issued.

Temporary marker cross

After a funeral the grave may be marked with a temporary plain hardwood cross bearing the name of the deceased. The funeral director normally supplies these. This marker will be removed as soon as a permanent memorial is erected. The marker must not exceed 3` height 2` in span or 2` height by 1` in span if in the garden of rest.

Memorials - kerb and lawned areas

In kerbed areas of the cemetery, when the grave has settled, usually after 6 to 12 months depending on the area, the kerb can be erected. In lawned areas of the cemetery when the grave has settled, usually after 3 to 6 months, depending on the area, the permanent memorial can be erected in the prepared area (the border) at the end of the grave.

Memorial Masons will help with the completion of memorial application forms. You will find the names of local masons in the Yellow Pages under 'Monumental Masons'. We recommend that a maintenance contract is obtained from Memorial Masons. The grave holder is responsible for the maintenance and repairs of all memorials. We take no responsibility for any items placed on the grave e.g. vases, ornaments and toys, etc.

Memorials - garden of rest

Plaques/vases must not exceed 12" x 12" x 12" in height. No work may be undertaken on memorials without the completion of the appropriate form, permit approval and payment of fees. As above, Memorial Masons will help with the completion of memorial application forms. You will find the names of the local Masons in the Yellow Pages under 'Monumental Masons'. The grave holder is responsible for the maintenance and repairs of all memorials.

Maintenance of graves and memorials

All graves, vaults and memorials shall be kept in good condition. Notice may be given to remedy defects; failure to carry out such works in the specified time, may result in us carrying out such works, or displacing the memorial and recovering the cost thereof, provided that where the name and address of the grave holder/next of kin is not known, the notice may be placed upon the grave or memorial and such notice shall be deemed sufficient.

Grass cutting, strimming and edging are carried out during April to October. Borders are maintained during the November to March period. There may also be times when additional work needs to be done on a grave e.g. topping up after ground settlement. This will be done without notification to the grave holder as part of the ongoing maintenance of the cemetery; however, all care and attention is given to monuments and plantings within the border area while this work is carried out.

Floral tributes

After a funeral, the cemetery staff will place the floral tributes on the grave. They will remain there until the family remove them, or after 3 weeks the cemetery staff will remove them in order to maintain the grave. This will be done without notification to the grave holder.

Searches and family trees

  • All records of burials within the borough cemeteries held by the cemetery section are available for viewing.
  • The cemetery staff receives numerous requests for information on burials to help with family searches and historical data.
  • The main Cemetery Office staff is more than happy to assist in the provision of, or showing people how to obtain the information direct from the records.
  • Appointments can be made to undertake a search by contacting the Cemetery Office, allowing a minimum of two days' notice.
  • Written requests of more than one name entail a search fee current at time of request.

Graves in lawn sections

No grave(s) in the lawn sections shall be dug up, or be raised by turfing or any other action, above the level of the adjoining ground, nor shall anything be placed thereon other than in the unturfed plot at the end of the grave. Please use the prepared border for planting. Conifers are not permitted.

Articles brought into or removed from cemeteries

No article (other than flowers or similar objects or materials for placing on a grave) shall be taken into a cemetery nor shall any article within a cemetery be taken out except with the consent of the Cemetery Office, provided that we may remove any such articles or materials if the Cemetery Office deems it necessary.

Nuisance and damage

Every person visiting a cemetery shall avoid causing any disturbance or damage therein and leave the cemetery in a satisfactory condition. Any person whose conduct in the opinion of the Superintendent is unsatisfactory, or whose actions are likely to impede the proper management of the cemetery, or who infringes any of the foregoing rules may be removed from the cemetery.  No responsibility will rest upon us for loss of or damage to anything brought into the cemeteries.

Grievance procedure

We do our utmost to ensure errors and mistakes do not happen. In the event that you are dissatisfied please complain immediately if you can. If you are still not satisfied, please contact us

Conduct (vehicles)

Any vehicle entering the cemetery must travel at no more than 10 mph. Visitors must not park in such a way as to block other vehicles. Vehicles may not be driven on to the footpaths, and must be removed from the area of an incoming funeral in order to keep access clear for funeral cortege

Help us to help you

Keep in contact with the Cemetery Office, and ensure that you advise us of change of address and telephone numbers.