A guide to cemeteries

Types of grave

Kerb sections

Graves in these sections are available where kerb or headstone memorials can be erected, or if you wish to plant in the area of the grave space. The grave holder or family undertakes planting and maintenance of these graves. Graves which are not maintained over a reasonable period of time will be returned to grass.

Conifer trees may not be planted at the side of memorials as they soon outgrow the area and may encroach on adjoining graves.

Lawned sections

Where a burial takes place in an area maintained as lawn section, the grave would be reinstated to grass after approximately 24 weeks. The grave will be inspected again after 12 months.

Planting flowers, shrubs and bulbs in the grave area during this period is not permitted, as ongoing remedial work will be required; however, planting in the prepared area (the border) at the end of the grave is welcomed. Extending the border into the grassed area is not permitted as this will impede the grass cutting and staff will move plants, without notification, back into the border when this occurs.

Pebbles or other chips may not be placed in the borders as these are extremely hazardous when mowing and strimming the grassed area.

Plant containers and ornaments must also remain within the border to avoid damage to the grass and ease of maintenance. Glass containers and china are not recommended as they shatter when the water in them freezes. They are also a hazard to the staff carrying out maintenance work.

Green burials

A specific area in Kingsthorpe Cemetery has been dedicated for green burials. There will be a choice of grave. The memorial will consist of a tree, a shrub or wild flowers mixture. No other memorial or planting will be permitted on the grave.  Each grave will be for one burial only, but additional graves may be pre-purchased.

Garden of rest

There are areas in Kingsthorpe, Dallington, Duston and Towcester Road cemeteries, dedicated to the burial and scattering of cremated remains. A full size plot (not in the garden of rest), may be purchased as a family plot and will accommodate up to 10 sets of cremated remains.

Children's section

Children's sections are available at Duston, Towcester Road and Kingsthorpe Cemeteries with plots exclusively for children up to 12 years of age. If parents wish eventually to be buried with their child, an adult grave in the lawn or kerb section should be chosen. You may inter cremated remains within a child's grave. 


There is an area in Kingsthorpe Cemetery dedicated to burial in a concrete vault. These can be for either one or two burials per vault. For more information contact the Cemetery Office.


There is an area in Kingsthorpe Cemetery dedicated to burials in a mausoleum chamber. These are for single burials per chamber but additional chambers may be pre-purchased. For more information contact the Cemetery Office.

Hebrew section and chapel

There is an area dedicated to the Hebrew community contained within Towcester Road Cemetery.  

Muslim section

There is an area dedicated to the Muslim community contained within Towcester Road Cemetery.

Chinese section

There is an area dedicated to the Chinese/Vietnamese community (i.e. north, south orientation of graves) contained within Towcester Road Cemetery.