A guide to cemeteries

Choices of cemetery sections

We appreciate that during this difficult time you will have to make important decisions about the cemetery and grave you want for the funeral.

Northampton's cemeteries are available for traditional coffin burials, vault burials, mausoleum burials and cremated remains burials or scattering. 

Choice of sections

The cemeteries are laid out in areas called sections. Each section has a number of separate graves. The choices of sections are:

  • Lawn sections
  • Kerb sections
  • Child sections
  • Green burials
  • Gardens of rest
  • Section by religious preference
  • Vaults
  • Mausoleum

This is often the most difficult decision, as you need to give serious thought to the type of memorial and aftercare you want for the grave. You can obtain advice and assistance in making this decision by contacting the Cemetery Office and speaking to one of the officers.

Pre-purchase of graves

If you wish to pre-purchase a grave, ask at the Cemetery Office for a pre-purchase form. A member of the Cemetery Office staff will be pleased to meet you in the cemetery if you wish to select a plot. When the form is completed and returned, a plot number will be allocated and an invoice sent to you. On receipt of payment, the Deed of Exclusive Right of Burial will be sent to you. 

Purchased graves

When you purchase a grave space in the cemetery, a Deed of Exclusive Right of Burial will be issued to the named grave holder. This deed gives the grave holder the rights as to who may be buried within the grave space and the right to erect a memorial.

Transfer of Deed of Exclusive Right of Burial

Only the deed holder may authorise burial within a grave. When the grave holder dies the burial rights must be transferred. Contact the Cemetery Office for details.

Unpurchased graves (public)

When a burial takes place in an unpurchased grave, the authority retains the burial rights and the grave will be used again over a number of years until it is full. A memorial may not be erected on an unpurchased grave.