History of the Guildhall


The Great Hall

The Great Hall ceiling is richly decorated with arms of the counties. The stained glass windows are by John Milner and were displayed at the Victoria and Albert Museum before being installed in the Guildhall.

Around the walls are words from psalm 115 "Non Nobis Domine". This was the tag used by Edward Godwin to sign his architectural plans.

The murals are of prominent persons who have influenced Northampton's history and were painted by Colin Gill of the Royal College of Art. Those included in the murals are:

  • Alfred the Great
  • Simon de Senlis
  • Edward I with Queen Eleanor
  • Richard II
  • Henry VI
  • Lawrence Washington (Lawrence was mayor of Northampton twice and an ancestor of George Washington)
  • Charles I
  • Oliver Cromwell
  • Philip Doddridge D.D
  • William Carey
  • Spencer Percival